Modify or Cancel Order

Can I change my order or cancel it?

Maimonia imposes a "No Cancellation Policy". This is because our team processes your order right away.

What if I want to change the the ship-to address?

 If your order has not yet been fulfilled please reach out to us and we can make an address change for you

Shipping Information

International Shipping & Customs

Shipping internationally does mean that you may be required to pay customs and import taxes. All international customers are responsible for the customs rates within their own country. For further information, we recommend contacting your local customs office.

My package is lost in the mail

We understand that sometimes the post office will lose a package. We offer replacements if your package got lost in the mail. Your tracking must not have been updated for at least 30 days to qualify.
For stolen items, unfortunately, Maimonia is not responsible for stolen items that have been marked delivered. 

Custom Items

Photo Requirements

For the best quality photo we suggest having your photo at least 1,000 x 1,000 pixels. If you have questions regarding if your photo is of quality please reach out to our team and we will let you know!

For photos under 400 x 400 pixels we will reach out to you for you to provide a new photo. If we do not hear back from you, your order will be auto processed and we will make your order with the photo you provided. We are not responsible if your photo turns out blurry.


Damaged Product


We offer free replacements for damaged items. 

Damaged items include:

  • markings/spots on your photo that weren't on your uploaded photo
  • damaged or defective gem

Damaged items do not include:

  • Blurry images caused from a low resolution photo uploaded
  • Items with no visible markings/spots

If an item is damaged you must send in a picture/video before we offer a replacement or refund